How it all started…?



My name is Irwin Coelho. Im 20 years old and from India .
I have been a creative all my life , right from childhood participating in whatever art and craft related events that I could . in August of 2016 I went to college for a diploma in automobile engineering because where I’m from a career in the creative space wasn’t really encouraged
Fast forward 2 years , I decided to quit college and pursue my dream on my own . I started working at a local photography and Videography studio and that’s where I was introduced to editing and digital media . For a year and a half I worked there and did a lot of photo and video editing working with real clients that gave me valuable experience. I developed the hunger to keep getting better .

A few months later I started playing PUBG Mobile and joined twitter to keep in touch with the community . that’s when I discovered an entire community dedicated to design and Esports
I’ve been a gamer all my life and followed Esports. I also loved design so it felt like the perfect combination for me .
The next few months I dedicated an unhealthy amount of hours everyday in learning the Fundamentals and programs and everything I could about the business of design and after doing a couple experimental projects in the community I begin getting confident from the feedback I got and that motivated me to keep improving and I did.



One and a half years later I’m always looking to learn new things and I’m as motivated as I ever was. I created this website to share my journey and what I learn everyday with the people that are interested . A platform to create a relatable place for people who share the same passions as me and not only see the wins but the failures as well. It is also a way to hold myself accountable to be productive every day and stay focused.



As I mentioned earlier I have always had a passion for Esports and mobile Esports happened to be the niche I chose to get invested in and developed a passion for. My goal is to be the best in mobile Esports,  not just as a designer but as a creative in general. And I dedicate most of my day working towards this goal



Constant improvement is a characteristic of my brand . In the coming months I plan to add  Motion design and 3D to my skill set and add more value to my work . I also have as couple business venture’s I’ve been working on as well and I wish to keep everyone that follows me updated on this journey

April 7, 2021